caricature intro

I wrote this blog in 2006, when the cartoon affair first started, but everything indicates that it is still relevant, so I'm putting it back on the front page...

A Danish editor publishes various cartoons of Mohammed to boost his sales and excite the public. And of course, the followers of the prophet feel abused, sullied, violated in their beliefs.

They demonstrate, shout, scream, inveigh, threaten, offended by such obscenity.

It stimulates the "free" world. Spontaneously aroused, the editorial offices of several Western media publish the incriminated drawings. The fever rises: in a turgid ego swelling, an Iranian newspaper launches a cartoon contest on the Holocaust.

Others are adding to it, close to coitus, brandishing freedom of expression as the standard of victory.

A real penis tournament. Let's hope that the ejaculation will end in a draw.

Curiously, the real caricature shocks much less. And yet, we have it in front of us; the primary male arrogance so typical of our societies, all cultures included. This sick reflex that men and women have to show their ego, trained and hardened, to penetrate life.

It is difficult to find respect in this simulacrum of existence, where the evacuation of tensions has replaced enjoyment. Or need has replaced generosity.

So I have a proposal for you: let's stop feeding the great planetary caricature. Let's rather sketch a work tinged with respect, beauty, understanding. Let's create a fresco of everyday life, soaked with roundness, true sensuality, welcoming and sharing, attention to the other. Of feminine qualities.

Like that, life will be much more exciting.