Since the release of the movie 2012, the symbolic meaning of this date has become more widely imprinted in the collective consciousness, intensifying the diffuse but tangible feeling of an imminent end. Let's leave it to the experts to explain the history and consequences of this milestone, which in the Mayan calendar corresponds to the completion of many cycles. 


Since the release of the movie 2012, the symbolic meaning of this date has become more widely imprinted in the collective consciousness, intensifying the diffuse but tangible feeling of an imminent end.

Let's leave it to the experts to explain the history and consequences of this milestone, which in the Mayan calendar corresponds to the completion of many cycles. For now, let's look at how this phenomenon translates into our daily lives, and try to understand some of its implications.

The simplest and most obvious sign of the end of the world as we know it and practice it is saturation. Today, no aspect of our reality escapes saturation.

  • On a global level, the collective consciousness is saturated with brutal and incompatible ideologies, be they religious, economic, political or social systems.
  • Our planet is also saturated by irresponsible human activity, with our parasitic behaviors threatening our survival and that of other species.
  • At the social level, laws, controls and prohibitions are multiplying, saturating the community in a net of suffocating constraints supposed to guarantee our safety and well-being.
  • Our fundamental freedoms are seriously and insidiously threatened: governments, pharmaceutical companies and large agri-food groups are rapidly taking over our health, our life choices and our lifestyle options. Saturation there too, of standardized products and services, which increasingly limit our freedom.
  • Saturation also affects the socio-cultural field: in less and less time, we have to fit in more and more activities. Work, family, leisure, hobbies, associations, sports, vacations, without forgetting time for oneself and for personal development.
  • We are also totally saturated with information: media, television, radio, newspapers, advertising, internet, emails, twitter and other social networks literally flood our daily lives, most of the time with useless, harmful or even pernicious messages.
  • Finally, we are more than saturated - in fact, constantly bombarded - by subliminal injunctions relayed by advertising, the media and our entourage at large. Today, thinking for oneself is a heroic task and keeping the property of the images that define our vision of the world has become a Herculean task.

When we add up all these areas of saturation, we realize that by continuing to clog up the few remaining spaces of freedom as we do today, we are rapidly heading towards a general suffocation. For me, this corresponds to the 2012 deadline of the Mayan calendar.

The historical worldview - in all its cultural variations - is full to the brim: it no longer allows for the creation of the new. It no longer has enough room to hold any hope. As long as there was space, we could still function as predators, using historical paradigms as an excuse. But today, humanity is suffocated by the results of this worldview.

As a result, our societies have become caricatures; common sense has virtually disappeared, respect for others is evaporating, violence in all its forms is invading our daily lives and a feeling of unreality is covering everything. More and more people are starting to recognize it: we are in the midst of delirium. It has to change.

This is where pragmatic observations and Mayan prophecies come together: a cycle, a history is ending, a radically new state of being is in gestation. When water is boiled, it goes through a stage of instability and aberration: it is no longer really liquid, it is extremely agitated, there is saturation, then a release occurs and it reaches the state of gas, of vapor.

The human species is no longer really itself according to historical norms, it is agitated, saturated, pressed to the boiling point. When will we see the point of liberation, the passage of humanity to a more subtle and ethereal state?

For those who still believe that we live in a material world, a small aside: entire - and essential - sectors of our existence have become virtual without our paying any particular attention to them: the world economy is a whirlwind of electrons to which values have been assigned. The management of states, companies and communities is digitalized, as are our knowledge bases, our communications, our photographic memories and our favorite music. All of this is reduced to electrons organized in certain ways and to which qualities or values are attributed. We are already in an ethereal and fluctuating reality, defined not by tangible facts, but by our interpretations.

Observing the failure of systems, the feverishness of collective consciousness and the phantasmatic texture that reality has taken on, we have the right to assume that this long episode of human history has already reached its end.

Let's remember that all individual and collective reality is the product of images and beliefs held in the consciousness. Let us also remember that, ignoring the millennia of conditioning that have kept human beings in ignorance and suffering, we remain beings of light and love. What if the impression of imminent end, felt by so many people, is nothing other than the decommissioning of our historical thought systems?

Perhaps we are already in an improbable state, a no-man's land of consciousness? Perhaps we are unable to imagine anything else, we dream of the global crisis and try to use old recipes that have become ineffective? Perhaps we are in a kind of etheric chrysalis, dissolving old thought forms and definitions of ourselves before giving birth to new ones (this would not be exceptional: once in its chrysalis, the caterpillar dissolves into a shapeless jelly before recomposing itself into a butterfly).

Je vous laisse explorer ces questions par vous-même. Mais quel que soit le produit de votre réflexion, gardez ces quelques notions à l'esprit:

  • La saturation augmente à une vitesse vertigineuse dans tous les domaines de l'existence. Nous sommes inondés par des tsunamis d'images et d'injonctions qui renforcent notre loyauté envers des logiques historiques devenues caduques. Les anciens modèles de pensée sont devenus toxiques pour notre conscience.
  • Pour éviter de pêter les plombs ou de nous transformer en zombies, un nettoyage par le vide de nos concepts, images de soi, croyances et idées sur le monde s'avère indispensable. Cette hygième mentale (Qui suis-je? A quel monde je crois? Qui pense ces pensées?) nous permettra d'éviter d'importants traumatismes lors de l'inévitable étouffement de nos sociétés.
  • La faillite et l'agonie de cette civilisation devraient être célébrées comme la fin d'une longue tyrranie. Une ère s'achève. On sent que sous le chaos, de nouvelles dimensions de conscience sont en gestation, encore imprécises et parfois inquiétantes, tant elles semblent étrangères à nos habitudes.
  • Et pourtant, cette conscience émergente nous est totalement familière, même si elle est restée inhibée pendant des lustres. Dans son état naturel, notre esprit est conçu pour expérimenter et célébrer l'unité de toutes choses. Un état de conscience non-dualiste engendre inévitablement la responsabilité personnelle, et par conséquent, la maîtrise des images qui forment notre réalité. Des conditions favorables à l'émerveillement, à l'amour et à l'éveil.

Hence the crucial importance of getting rid of historical logics before entering this new cycle...

Alain-Yan Mohr

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