In less than two weeks, the vaccination campaign against the H1N1 flu will have started in Switzerland. Yesterday, a survey indicated that 86% of the Swiss population did not intend to get vaccinated. So a funny idea came to my mind.

Our friend Andrée Fauchère, author from Valais and well known naturopath, has just published a little book full of intelligence: "Grippe A H1N1, conseils et remèdes naturels pour la prévenir".

This little book costs 3 times less than a dose of vaccine. If the health authorities want to do their prevention work properly, I suggest they offer this little booklet to those 86% of the population who have kept their common sense. No doubt they will appreciate it. 


Here is the 4th cover of this little book:

"A few months ago, the attention was focused on the highly pathogenic form of the avian influenza A (H5N1) virus, which is very dangerous but not very contagious. Currently, it is the highly contagious, but not very dangerous, swine influenza A (H1N1) virus that is of concern to international medicine. 

The body has its own natural defenses that protect it most of the time against disease-causing organisms. 

When I hear and read all the statements in the media, I think that instead of all these threats, we should be told how not to get the expected flu.

For this reason, I looked into the possibilities we had as prevention...magnesium chloride, garlic, onion, black radish extract, anti-infectious plants, fresh and dried fruits, essential oils and homeopathy.

Many possibilities are offered to us, it is up to us to use them, starting now. 

Preface by Dr. Nathalie Calame, general practitioner, homeopath and herbalist."

ISBN: 978-2-8321-0386-9