After years of war and senseless occupation of Iraq, we learn that Poland and Great Britain will withdraw their troops and that, following the Democratic victory at the beginning of the month in the USA, the United States also seems to be preparing its exit.

The situation is no happier in Israel and Palestine. Or elsewhere, closer to home, in our so-called civilized nations.

In fact, we are faced with a big problem of identity, be it national, regional or religious. Everyone defends his or her own system.

It is while meditating on these strange thoughts that I remembered the problems that the first astronauts had to face in space, during their long stays. They were losing their minds, gradually. They ended up not knowing what their names were, literally.

We finally understood what was happening: removed from the magnetic fields of the Earth, the consciousness tended to fray, to no longer hold together. We had to recreate magnetic conditions in the capsules so that the astronauts would not forget that they were Russian-Americans, Christians, scientists, female or male, or, perhaps, simply human.

So I send a message to our scientific friends: instead of constantly improving the efficiency of cluster bombs, let them conduct research on the localized cancellation of magnetic fields. We could start tests on battlefields opposing various nationalists, or in areas inflamed by religious or tribal conflicts.

Once the effectiveness is proven, we would make a large model, a planetary version.

Because in the end, all our ideas about ourselves are not only sources of endless problems since the dawn of time, but they are also pure illusions of perception...

Maybe there is a way, what do you think?