Cette page est dédiée à Giulia, un être exceptionnel qui, pendant 14 ans, s'est déguisé en Cocker Spaniel pour nous inonder de tendresse et nous enseigner l'amour sans conditions. Elle a quitté son déguisement canin début novembre 2000, comme elle nous l'avait annoncé, pour retrouver l'état sans entraves de sa dimension lumineuse. 

Welcome to all beings!

This page is dedicated to Giulia, an exceptional being who, for 14 years, disguised herself as a Cocker Spaniel to shower us with tenderness and teach us love without conditions. She left her canine disguise at the beginning of November 2000, as she had told us, to return to the unfettered state of her luminous dimension. After her departure, we decided to complete her pages by telling her story. However, don't take any of this seriously, it would upset her.

Explore at your leisure, but don't pee in the corners of the page. Also, since we'll soon be meeting lots of different beings from all over the galaxy, this is a good opportunity to practice inter-species communication.

Alain-Yan & Barbara

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Giulia was born in Ascona, Ticino, in the Italian part of Switzerland, in early February 1987. The beginning of her life was quite difficult. Barbara worked as a housekeeper in a house full of wild teenagers. One of them gave a nasty birthday present to one of his girlfriends: a young cocker spaniel named Giulia. He knew his girlfriend couldn't have pets where she lived, so Giulia found herself dumped in the middle of this ragtag group of teenagers.

In this frenzied energy, Giulia went straight to Barbara to seek protection and comfort. A special relationship had begun: she had found someone who respected her as a person and not as a friendly pet. Fully appreciating her new situation, Giulia brought her inimitable touch to every possible event.


In her second year, seemingly in a hurry to get the biological necessities over with, Giulia found a handsome male in the neighborhood and a few months later gave birth to seven little cocker spaniels. She raised them and as soon as they were gone, she lost interest in any male dog at all - she had done her job, thank you.


At the end of the 80's, Barbara moved to Bern and, of course, Giulia went with her. She enjoyed her stay in Bern, finally living in a quiet environment, conducive to dreaming and meditation, without being constantly disturbed. It was also during this period that she was spayed. The picture below is just after the operation. This is also the time when Giulia met Alain-Yan, albeit furtively, before he left with Barbara for the United States. During our American stay, Giulia stayed in her Bernese home with a lovely Portuguese couple, and found herself very busy teaching a young labrador how to live.


Times of travelling


When we returned from the United States, it was time to travel. All our possessions were packed into a few suitcases that easily fit into our car. So Bluette, the Honda Cosmic, became Giulia's favorite home (until her last days and minutes). She traveled with us through Switzerland, Italy and the south of France where we stayed for a while. It was there that she met Twinny, a Jack Russell dog, and became her mentor. When we were in the Camargue, Giulia and Twinny would disappear for hours into the fields and vineyards, chasing hares and other wild animals - never catching one. If there was one element in which she was totally happy, it was water.

Ocean, sea, lake, river or even stinking marshes (...), she never missed an opportunity to dive in. When we lived in Geneva, she jumped into the Rhone every day and swam against the current for an hour a day from March to November.


One can only see well with the heart...

Giulia became blind after one of her swims. She used to dry herself by rolling in the grass. One Saturday evening, with this system, she planted thorns in her deep ear.

We rushed to the vet on duty who had to put her to sleep with a narcotic that causes a diabetic coma. A nasty blow to the pancreas. The vet did not wait for our return to administer the antidote that was supposed to wake her up. A few weeks after these two shocks combined, Giulia started to suffer from cataracts. The cataract became so strong that we tried to help her with a surgical operation, but without results. Her eyes were no longer irrigated. Then began a period of adaptation for her, where she would bump into everything until she had recreated a new topographical map of the place based on other senses.


In October 98, we contacted an "animal communicator" via the internet. We wanted to know more about her blindness and were curious to hear what Giulia had to say about her situation, to have another feedback that completes our own perceptions. Here is an abbreviated version of what we received from Danielle Daoust:

"Giulia deliberately chose her blindness in this life - and she can be very determined when she wants to be heard. She was very clear about a number of things and had a lot to say. Her blindness was a deliberate choice; Giulia is a highly evolved creature who chose a set of circumstances before coming into this world to help her delve into herself and discover her "feelings. Blindness doesn't seem to bother her much, even if her eyes sometimes irritate her.

Yet her main message is that she deliberately chose to be with you, knowing that it would help her greatly to accomplish her purpose - I also sense that she has been with you in another life, and that she has returned to complete her mission - I sense an instant of immediate gratitude when she found you again, and a great relief. She seems to have been very worried about not finding you (were there any odd events in the way you found each other?). In fact, her angels and yours must have worked hard to 'arrange the meeting'.


What I felt was that no matter how her life started, she was not happy and did not like what she saw around her. She expected the encounter to be different... She is a dog of considerable intelligence and power... Before coming, she chose a breed and genetic structure that allowed her to go blind easily, then when the time came, she literally called that blindness to bring about a change in her life - and her owners' lives.... Again, I feel her relief at finding you, especially since she knew that you would help her to fulfill herself - and that her goal was to learn to feel from within, to rely on her inner knowing without being distracted by external events.

She also told me several times that she had two years left on her internal clock - and that by the end of 2000 she would be ready to go. I must tell you that she has strongly insisted that I tell you that she will leave at that time. She wants to prepare you for it - when the decline begins, everything can go very quickly, and she has told me repeatedly that she does not want any kind of medical treatment when she is ready to go... she will be ready to go.


She also told me that she is a bit tired - pain in her joints, and especially in her lower back. While she still enjoys her walks, she doesn't want to go too far.

Yes, you have helped her along the way and continue to do so... a lot. In fact, it is because of you that she has been able to accomplish her life goals - her intention to learn to communicate from a much deeper level. She appreciates this development of her sensitivity and what it brings her... One last comment - as I said at the beginning, Giulia is very talkative and was able to communicate very easily and clearly with me. One of the messages she also wanted to convey is that she talks to you a lot, and asks you to listen carefully. Animals often speak to us in a soft, quiet voice - it's easy to think it's our imagination, but Giulia tells me that she is often in your mind and heart, and it's easy to get you to understand what she is thinking and what she needs..."

During all these years, Giulia shared our life as a whole being. Sometimes we laughed out loud thinking about the billions of dollars scientists spend trying to locate non-human intelligences in the cosmos, with programs like SETI. It is often so difficult to see what is right under our noses...

Germany, Austria, Normandy, Italy, Greece... she traveled everywhere with us. We always chose destinations reachable by car, because it was unthinkable to put her in a cage in the hold of a plane. She would not have understood, nor endured, not to mention ourselves...

We organized, gave or participated in many seminars and workshops. She was a complete participant, and acted as an energy barometer, always reaching out to those who were going through difficult times...

In spring 2000 we contacted Helen Gerber from Bern, a veterinarian trained in the USA as an animal communicator. As she was starting to give courses in animal communication, we wanted to get an idea and arranged a meeting between her and Giulia, planning to organize some seminars... Here is the summary of the telephone conversation with Helen:

First of all, Giulia was happy to meet an animal communicator in Switzerland. There is a lot to do here, she said. Talking about her departure, she announced that she was keeping the date open, because she still had things to finish. She added that once she leaves her body, she will review it before deciding what to do next. Then, with a mischievous smile, Giulia underlined: remember, I am a source of wisdom! Talking about our evolution, she said she really appreciated that we were studying and reading so much, that we were "on the way" - and then added that we will be on this path for a long time to come... Referring to the big changes to come, she suggested not worrying about them, just relaxing and enjoying the experience.

When we asked her if the flower essences she was given were okay, she said, "Yes, I'm fine, but there are more interesting things to talk about than the state of my body. I sleep as much because it's much easier for me to be without this body. We asked if there was anything else we could do for her, she said no, thanks, that's OK, but Barbara who has such a big heart should start taking care of herself a little more. And we should drink high quality or organic red wines. Talking about our move to Haute-Nendaz, she confided that it was a bit of a pity to leave Geneva, because it is a city with a lot of water and culture, a real vortex of very active energy where thoughts are amplified. But she was happy that we were leaving the building we were living in, because, she said, it is a real box of ignorant people. Then she continued: "The place we are going to is a real island of mystical energy. Be careful at first with these energies, because the cottages are built directly on the rock. When asked why she didn't like the company of other dogs, she said that she had always found them annoying, but now it really stressed her out.

Finally, she confided that she really appreciated that we always kept her in our hearts and minds, and that she loved being able to communicate with us so easily.

Mission accomplished...

Then came the month of May, and our move from Geneva to Haute-Nendaz, in the Valais mountains. The big chalet was still being restored, so we moved into the small one, and Giulia found her marks, happy as a dog. She quickly found the interesting places for her morning walks, the best places to sniff the morning news, and she happily walked with her human friends. We were very happy to offer her all this nature, after so many years in an apartment. However, we could see her slowly sliding down the slope, squatting in the best armchairs to sleep and dream most of the time.

The summer passed, and on October 10, she suddenly showed signs of great fatigue and looked very ill. She didn't want to eat or move, but even more worrying, her presence had almost disappeared. We went to the vet to check her physical condition, and asked another animal communicator friend, Vanna Maria Tatti, to check what was going on with this dear little Being. The vet diagnosed an important infection and gave her mild antibiotics. Vanna had a long conversation with her, of which the following are the main points.

"Giulia appeared to me very alert, awake and aware. In fact, the vibration of her mind is much faster than that of her body. This gap between body and mind has always existed, and she has always had to deal with it. In the past, she could control this disparity, which is an important issue in her life, something she came to learn. But now it is really becoming a problem.

Giulia is a very evolved being, I feel like an elf or a fairy who has ventured into embodiment. She is infinitely patient and tolerant with humans, but at the same time, she can be very demanding with those who are on a spiritual path - as if she makes a difference between those who are just here with no spiritual interest and those who are moving towards a spiritual goal. With the latter, she is much harder. Her mind is all movement, all vibration. There is no stillness in her. She is very bright and very beautiful. Her realm, her essence is air - she is an air fairy.

She says that there is much to do elsewhere, and that she will soon leave. "My old body can't keep up; I've been pushing it for a long time, but it's reaching the limit." Asked if she was in pain, she replied, "Not really." Before adding that when the pain got too bad, she had to stay completely still so as not to make it worse. "It takes all my energy to dominate the pain, and it remains beyond my strength; I find it a waste of energy." More and more often, she leaves the body behind to escape the pain. "On the other hand, my blindness doesn't bother me. It doesn't matter, because I can see differently."

She feels that the separation being body and mind will be difficult - in fact, the two were never really connected. She specifically asked for help with this, needing something to ease her departure from the body. Then she says, "When the time comes, any effort to hold me back will be futile. I know that my masters are doing everything for my health, but at the same time they are giving me comfort and I am grateful for that. But I can't control the pain anymore.

Regarding our move to the big cottage three weeks later, Giulia said that it would tire her out. This active aspect of our life is no longer her concern. She will experience the changes, but will not actively participate.

When I was interested in her, I felt a pure, crystalline energy; but when my questions were directed at her physical state, I felt an energy like stagnant water, confusion. She is not interested in her body and does not want to talk about it. When I asked her if we could help her with that, she said, "No, you can't put this body back together..." Vanna Maria gave her some flower essences to help her rebalance her body and mind, and others to help her prepare for her transition. The flower essences had a wonderful effect on Giulia. Her youthful presence returned almost immediately, and for the last three weeks of her earthly life, she was extremely well, present and happy.

At the end of October we started to set up the big cottage and on November 7 we moved all our stuff in for the first night.

At five o'clock the next morning, Giulia had a severe stroke; she lost all sense of direction and coordination, and her body became like pudding. We rushed to the vet in Sion. When he saw her condition, he said there was nothing more we could do, as the stroke had irreparably destroyed the midbrain. She was already long gone from the moment of the attack, so the only thing left to do was to give the last shot to that empty, broken little body.

Giulia had kept her promise. She left as she had said she would, and gave us one last gift: the little cottage was still filled with her presence and for several weeks, entering it evoked painful memories. Giulia chose not to imprint her presence in the big chalet, leaving the place in a pristine state for the development of our new projects - in which she no longer had a place, at least not physically.

The day of her departure, we informed very few people, immersed in our grief. But the same evening, our friend Juliette called us: during one of her regular sessions where she channels Beings of Light, part of the session had been dedicated to Giulia. Here is the summary of this communication:

"Giulia is very present around her masters, she feels their grief and soaks up the energy of the place and the mountains. She has not yet fully realized what has happened and is seeking to understand more. She is preparing to fully awaken on the other side, to find her true self. She feeds on the energy of the subtle bodies of her masters, in order to find herself before continuing her path. She still has to lift a slight veil and reach full awakening before she can regain full consciousness. This transition process is completely up to her, although the love of her masters helps her. The grief of her masters is understandable, but as soon as possible, it would be good if they would do a small ceremony in her name, in her honor, in the name of her light - an act of gratitude. Giulia will be here for three more days and then she will continue her journey. She is filled with gratitude for all that has been experienced and shared, for all the love she has received and because she has always been seen as a whole being, because she has been recognized for who she really is. She will never forget this life.

Giulia has a very joyful nature...She is like a child, and has managed to keep that childlike nature throughout her life. She still has that nature today.

Her masters can be totally at peace. We would say "Mission accomplished". So much love, devotion and sharing - these essential qualities of the heart - have been put into practice and experienced. This is wonderful. Inform her masters that Giulia is now presenting herself in an ageless body of light, and she is emanating these qualities of joy and play. Such is her nature and such she will remain."

A few days later, Danielle was meditating when Giulia's presence arrived, in a dazzling light. The first thing Giulia asked her was, "Have you seen the column of light I have installed above the cottages? It is made of gold and blood, because blood is the essence of life, and is meant to attract people who are ready to awaken. You know, I will continue to watch over Barbara and Alain-Yan. I am now in an ecstasy of happiness. Tell them that I am infinitely grateful to them, they have offered me their presence throughout my life and have taught me to love and share, they have totally understood me and have considered me as the being I really am. They will be blessed with that forever." She continued with a mischievous smile, "I'm going to start new studies, and I'm going to change soul groups." Finally, she asked Danielle, who did not know the circumstances of her departure, "Tell them I regret having to leave so abruptly, and give you the spectacle of a body in such a sad state. I couldn't do any better. Thank them again very much."

Giulia was cremated. When spring comes, we will spread her ashes in the air from the top of the mountain she loved so much.

We would like to thank again all the friends for the love they shared with her, and because they also knew how to recognize this great soul, and finally for all the wonderful messages they sent us after her departure.

The last pictures...



And the last words...

Every minute of her life, Giulia has shown what unconditional love is. In every situation, she skillfully remained in a state of kindness, tenderness and complete availability.

In her most painful moments, just feeling us around or hearing our voices made her shake her tail in contentment. In this way, she taught us that it is possible to establish loving and tender relationships with all living things... We still have work to do!

She used her strong character and will to show us how to live without judgments, to leave our personal worries aside in order to remain available and respectful of the realities of other beings around us.

We wish each and every one of you to receive the grace of such a rich and transforming encounter...

Alain-Yan and Barbara


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