About the brochure of the Société des Régisseurs de Genève.

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The brochure of the Société des Régisseurs Genevois published in the Tribune illustrates the dangers of distorted communication.

According to this leaflet, the régies are doing a public service by redistributing the rents paid to them to the numerous professionals of the real estate industry: concierge, régie employee, architect, etc... This logic can be applied to any field, and justify anything. See instead:

"A whole economic life in your addiction. For many people, a heroin injection is the height of destitution, when in fact it is the starting point of a whole economic life. Every gram of drug sold brings to life a whole world of professionals behind the scenes: car salesmen, hotel staff, airlines, producers, policemen, lawyers, hospitals, banks, not to mention the money in circulation. All these people form the real face of your dealer. In this role, drugs contribute to the development of a job-creating economy."

This kind of "communication" hurts everyone, managers included. Between the lines, the message is clear: "Geneva rents are among the most expensive in the world, and the current crisis is generating discontent. Rather than lowering rents, let's put in place a diversion by making our clients... partners in an economic revival."

Let's just point out that lower rents would also allow for an economic revival: each household could spend more in Geneva's businesses.

If the Régies have a business vocation -a mission- this leaflet shows that the Société des Régisseurs Genevois is not aware of it. This is regrettable for all the sincere people working in these agencies. Let's propose a way to find a business spirit that is really at the service of the population: the vocation of a real estate company could be to provide this population with decent, affordable housing conditions that are favorable to human development.

For example.

Readers' letter published in 1993

Alain-Yan Mohr