I consider that we are eternal beings, expressions of an infinite consciousness that imagines and creates the universe.

And then I look at the world, at the immense suffering inflicted on all forms of life and the madhouse that our planet has become.

No sane person could stand the present absurdity and violence for very long, nor could they live with it.

And yet, the human community accepts this demented version of reality; instead of questioning its validity, we bow down, we consent to more and more sacrifices hoping that it will get better.

How to explain such madness? It could be that the human race is bewitched. And it could be that the spell that imprisons us is being lifted.

I have created a site to help us break the spell, which I invite you to discover:breakingthespell.ch

In 20 steps, I describe the spell and its effects, in order to be better equipped to disable it. 

The site provides some additional resources:

  • Breaking the Spell in eBook and PDF versions in French and English.
  • A series of second-hand beliefs, for those who still need them.
  • And a few other surprises.

The site is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian.

If the content of breakingthespell.ch speaks to you, please spread it: this nonsense has gone on long enough.