In the global upheaval of systems and beliefs, do you live in areas at risk? Is the building that houses you earthquake-proof, or is it in danger of collapsing in the event of a strong tremor? 

Whatever the culture, all opinions agree on one point: our world is undergoing profound changes. Ecology, economy, demography, sociology, ideologies: the great tectonic plates of civilization are colliding and causing tremors that spare no area of human reality.

In this seismic upheaval of systems and beliefs, do you live in areas at risk? Is the building that houses your being earthquake-proof, or is it in danger of collapsing during a strong tremor? 

In other words, are you still enslaved to historical definitions of reality, drawing your sense of existence from the last stubborn bursts of a dying civilization? 

In order to take stock, I propose an aptitude test. It will allow you to evaluate your degree of preparation to face - or not - the years to come. Answer the questions, then refer to the results at the end of the test. Have fun! 

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Choose only one answer per theme:

For you, being healthy is : 

A. Important to the company's economy.

B. A poor use of health insurance.

C. A marketing concept invented by physicians.

D. What happens when you can't stand being sick anymore. 

E. A choice. Everyone creates their own reality...

F. Is there another state? All is One and perfect.


For you, work is : 

A. A good use of the human population. 

B. For others. I get more by being unemployed.

C. A necessary evil, but it's not my fault. 

D. A transitional solution, I'm also an artist. 

E. Ideally, an opportunity for fulfillment. 

F. A game within a game within a game, a production of the mind. 


What is your main hobby? 

A. Other than golf, I don't have time for hobbies.

B. Spa treatments paid for by my insurance.

C. None. It's distractions orchestrated by the elite.

D. Nature, but for how much longer?

E. I do personal development seminars every weekend.

F. Explore the infinite facets of the cosmos. Everything is One.


In your opinion, family is : 

A. A mold to produce good Christian citizen-soldiers.

B. The most economical solution to all my needs. 

C. A Machiavellian scheme of the church.

D. A pension to be paid every month. 

E. An incomparable learning space. 

F. Humanity, the cosmos. Everything is one. 


What do you think governments are for?  

A. To protect the interests of my companies.

B. To pay my pensions and maintain the roads.

C. It is the instrument of an elite exploiting the citizens.

D. To serve the will of the people and not that of the banks.

E. To reflect the fears and hopes of the collective conscience.

F. To nothing. They legislate illusion. All is One. 


Nowadays, religion: 

A. Cements true values: work, family, country.

B. Is bullshit and wasted money.

C. The number one cause of wars in the world.

D. It's outdated, but can we be saved without it?

E. It is the crystallization of virtuous intentions. 

F. It is a useless intermediary. All is One. 


Who are you in the end? 

A. Graduated, graduated, administrator and member of society.

B. None of your business!

C. A citizen-consumer abused by the system.

D. A seething mass of repressed emotions.

E. A spiritual being experiencing matter.

F. I Am What I Am. I am You. All is One. 


Your political commitment is: 

A. Vital to the growth of my business.

B. Null. Either way, they do as they please.

C. Lame. I don't walk into these traps.

D. Desperate. I always vote loser.

E. Daily. Every act is political.

F. My kingdom is not of this world.


For you, cultivating relationships is: 

A. Essential for my social advancement.

B. Expensive, but sometimes necessary.

C. Mannerism instilled by a hypocritical society.

D. Getting as many likes as possible on Facebook.

E. A therapeutic process of compassion.

F. Experiencing a game of mirrors. All is One. 


Your opinion on the spiritual quest: 

A. Dangerous for the individual as well as for society.

B. People don't know what to invent to get high.

C. A sidetrack created by the Illuminati.

D. Sounds interesting, but I have other problems.

E. Our reason for being here - well, I hope I'm right.

F. Why quest? Everything is accomplished. Everything is perfect. 


Your main goal in life is : 

A. To build on the legacy of my family line.

B. To enjoy as much as possible and do as little as possible. 

C. Not to be taken in by this rotten company. 

D. To be happy, but it's so complicated. 

E. To serve in the accomplishment of the divine plan.

F. I don't own "my" life, so goals...


What are you doing on this planet? 

A. What a stupid question. No one knows.

B. Are you kidding me? I don't know, I'm surviving.

C. I ask myself that question every day.

D. I learn something, but I don't know what anymore.

E. I come to help him evolve - well, it seems to me. 

F. I answer this questionnaire. 


Describe the human being of the future: 

A. Obedient, white, polite and hardworking.

B. Without work or taxes, served by robots.

C. A psycho-controlled and sterile puppet.

D. I hope he'll have fewer problems.

E. A being of light swarming the stars?

F. I don't understand your notion of the future. Explain. 


Reality is: 

A. Well, this is reality. What a stupid test!

B. Leave me alone. This question makes me anxious.

C. The result of thousands of years of conditioning.

D. Ah, I would so like to live in reality!

E. The expression of our intention, I suppose?

F. What is there now. 


How do you see the world today? 

A. Promising. Many markets to conquer.

B. In recession. The standard of living is falling.

C. Polluted and populated by slaves, trapped by technology.

D. In a dead end.

E. In prenatal contractions.

F. With my eyes. 


What about the children, the future generation? 

A. They worry me: they seem to have other values. 

B. The succession to pay our social insurances. 

C. Already screwed up, given the current educational systems. 

D. I hope they do better than us. 

E. They will establish a new paradigm. 

F. Veils of ignorance are falling, that's all.


Your short and medium term plans for the future? 

A. Speculate on the fear of the Islamic threat.

B. Profit while you can.

C. Be vigilant, alert the people to the traps that are set for them.

D. To finish solving my current problems.

E. To prepare my ascension and that of the planet.

F. Nonsense question. We contain time. 




Count the number of responses in A, B, C, D, E, or F, then look at the results below.


If you have a majority of A 

You can start to wind up your current affairs, your contract of incarnation on this earth will not be renewed. In the times to come, any prolonged stay would seriously damage your energetic structure. Rest assured: you are already on the waiting list for a high density planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, where the living conditions will meet your expectations and will be much more favorable to your development. 

If you have a majority of B 

Living in dependence and powerlessness has certainly enriched your knowledge. Unfortunately, this way of living has clogged your energetic structure; trapped in your ego, you have lost touch with your spiritual nature. This type of attitude is no longer compatible with the latest update of the planetary system. To avoid unnecessary suffering, or even a hasty departure, give up the identity of victim, even if you think you will lose some advantages. Finally, some good news: the others exist too! 

If you have a majority of C 

Unless you have a radical awakening, you will not get a renewal of your incarnation contract on this earth. Arrangements are being made for you to join your fellow A's. You are inseparable playmates and you wish above all to continue the game. Rest assured, it is to your advantage: in your present configuration, conflict and duality are indispensable conditions of your existence. A new incarnation on this Earth would be unbearable for your psychic structure.

If you have a majority of D 

Deep down, you are looking for peace, you are trying to get out of the vicious circle of duality, you feel the inner impulses that echo the great transformations of the present time. But what a limp! Your daily life is a long series of compromises! Becoming aware is one step in the awakening, acting with integrity is the next. You have already begun your inner mutation; do not wait until the last minute to live the steps: the process will be less violent! 

If you have a majority of E 

Aware of the current transformations, you have made changes in your life to respond to the new energies, to the challenges that lie ahead. However, in your enthusiasm, you tend to neglect certain historical beliefs that distort your perceptions of yourself and the world. Switch from linear thinking to a holographic approach, stop hesitating, take into account your multiple dimensions and above all, do not take this story so seriously! 

If you have a majority of F 

Thank you for being here! Any additional explanation is useless, you are clear on the nature and the reason of your presence on this earth. It is also useless to talk to you about progress, stages, evolution, time, joy or suffering... So, just one comment: remember that for some time to come, your words and behaviors, and even your simple presence can be absolutely exasperating, even devastating. But please, keep going! 


This test is an updated version of the Summer Test that appeared in our July 1999 Bear Tribune.