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Akiane, peintre et poète

Akiane, jeune prodige Peintre et poète inspirée.


Photographing astronomical objects in the sky is one of the most difficult, and rewarding, types of photography. For me, the rewards are great and my passion for astronomy easily carries me through the many obstacles to getting such images. The excitement I experience on seeing something that I have not seen before, like the intricate structure of a supernovae remnant, planetary nebula or galaxy is a tremendous thrill. Seeing deeply into our universe is a wonderful experience and I hope my web site will give you a small taste of the beauty and mystery of it all. 

Awaken visions

The art of Daniel Brian Holeman

Earth Curves

The art of Will Kramer

Gilbert Williams

Galerie de Peintures

Hilliard Gallery

Peintures de différents artistes.

Jeffrey K Bedrick

Peintures etc. Du grand art. 

Jonathon Earl Bowser

Mythic Naturalism

Lots of robots

Animation digitale. Complètement fou!

Michael Wealand

Magnifiques peintures, paysages irréels...

The art of Alex Gray

The art of Alex Gray. A trip in itself.

The Great Illusion

Un magnifique voyage...


Des photos magnifiques d'animaux et de paysages...

Worth 1000

Photos retouchées avec Photoshop. Des perles...