At a time when standardization and economies of scale are becoming commonplace, as desperate attempts to maintain control over a global economy that is shaking on its foundations, we believe that originality and diversity are vital factors for the survival of any company.

What is unique about your company, your business or your project?

And how can you articulate, organize and express these original qualities?

Encouraging the development of original initiatives and projects is one of our passions. This is where the notion of "service" takes on its full meaning.

Our services are focused on specific developments and take into account the different dimensions of your projects. They aim to orchestrate the meaning and values of your projects, to provide them with an architecture and to promote their development.

Customized solution offers can include:

  • A consulting dimension to best translate the nature, vocation or spirit of the project
  • An artistic component to illustrate the unique character of the project
  • A structural and software part to instrument the project and organize its development.

Here are some possible fields of application:

  • Creation of intranet for networking in one place or by grouping several geographical locations
  • Implementation of quality systems and their deployment in a network
  • Development of e-commerce
  • Collaboration spaces for all types of activities
  • Forums for information, discussion, etc.
  • Development of databases and work environments
  • Online training system
  • Implementation of virtual and 3D collaboration environments
  • etc.
Example of a customized solution: Hermès, computerized care solution
Contact us for a first meeting without obligation, during which we will get to know each other, explore your project and detail the possibilities and modalities of a collaboration.