Alain Dupont

I have been working with Alain-Yan Mohr for years, and he has designed several websites at my request. His ability to listen to my needs, his creativity, his availability and his computer knowledge make him a valuable partner. At any time, it is possible to formulate a question and you will have in return a reflection which will enable you to make the good decisions.
Today, few people understand your values and especially know how to translate them into concrete actions, without any detours.
So if you need quality work, all his assets are on his site. You will never be disappointed.

Alain Dupont ( Site )

Charly Bapst

My dear Alain-Yan,
At the end of 2010, I would like to tell you how satisfied I am with the sites you have made for me for almost 7 years now and also for the maintenance and modifications I have regularly asked you for. It's true that my site is successful, since nearly 2 million people have visited it in 4 years. I guess people find it quite attractive.
Thank you Alain-Yan for everything and good luck in a happy and fulfilled future.

Charly (Site)

Cibo Vinum Import

Gastronomy is an art that would have been very difficult for me to image and transmit via the internet for the lambda users if I hadn't had the chance to meet Alain-Yan.
Together we have succeeded in developing a site that, according to many users, manages to make them salivate while exciting their pupils, which is in fact a very important step because, afterwards, this is what will lead them to satisfy their taste buds by purchasing our products.
Of course, all of this would have been no easy task without Alain-Yan's concern for perfection and his skills, which were as high as our expectations: enormous. It goes without saying that his professionalism, his knowledge and his boundless experience combined with a good-natured collaboration made things delightfully pleasant and productive.
A half-board computer internship in his dreamy Bed & Breakfast chalet, far from the noise and bustle of the city, even allowed us to get to know each other better and to achieve something rare and precious these days: a mutual friendship.
Thanks to you, my dear Alain-Yan!

François Dujourd'hui (Site)

Déclics et Cie

When I wanted to update my site, Alain Yan was clear: "This is an opportunity to rethink your business in depth, to clarify what you really want," in short, not an easy task, but it was really worth it, because I embarked on a deep and healthy reflection. A birth that was not painful, judge for yourself: as I live far away from Nendaz, the days of setting up, I had the joy to be hosted in the eagle nest of this web Apache (with a sharp but benevolent eye!) and fed by his adorable Barbara, exceptional cook. And then, what an "after-sales service"! Always nice on the phone when you ask for a modification, with a Sioux-like smiling patience. In short, a real pleasure for a result very appreciated by my subscribers. "A clearer, more visible site, easier to navigate" I was told. So, thank you, thank you, thank you to Alain-Yan and his little team of mountain Indians!
Site: (

Fleur Nelson

I have found Alain-Yan being an impeccable consultant and webmaster. During the process of creating my website I felt empowered. He taught me how to enjoy networking and share my unique signature in the web-community. And most importantly he guided me with practical and efficient ideas how to manage my money and time with no worries.
Fleur Nelson (See her site)

Géraldine Fasnacht & Lineprod

I would say simply magical!
Thank you Alain-Yan for your efficiency in understanding my desires and expectations. I now have a website that I like and that is so easy to manage.
I finally feel independent and soon, thanks to you, I will say that computers are easy!
Thank you for your patience and your energy!

Géraldine Fasnacht (Voir son site)

Isabelle Mancini

Tic-Tac BOUM !!!
The time of a Tic-Tac and a heartbeat: BOUM! The request that we had just begun to formulate and imagine (the time to come down from its eagle's nest...) is found vibrant with colors and beautiful images on our emails "Here, is this convenient for you?" ... it's Alain-Yan... already there!!!
So dear Alain-Yan, I've been visiting your site for years now, thinking "What's he been writing about????" and sometimes laughing out loud...
So I went to the character of my site without really knowing "Who" was making all this live (and who was thus demystifying sometimes our reality...)...?
I found a heart and open arms, a kind and attentive listening, an immediate understanding, and a formatting, in words and images, of an astonishing efficiency and rapidity, all this in a warm welcome.
Alain-Yan has indeed the amazing ability to grasp and transcribe in a short time what you can't formulate!
A big thank you for the work you did for me, it took the form of a real work in black ;-)
A big thank you also for the training that you offer in an impeccable after-sales service: to become in our turn holders of a knowledge to modify our articles as we wish, thank you for offering us these keys too.
It is reassuring to know that in the high and beautiful mountains of the Valais, someone has the distance, the humor and the love necessary to suspend time and offer the best of himself. Thank you for your patience and availability.
With my best wishes for you,

Isabelle (Site)

Jérôme Michel, Rêve de Cimes

I created my company during this summer and I was looking for someone to make a valuable and quality website. A very good friend of mine, Geraldine, recommended Alain-Yan to me. A very good advice.
I called him one morning to ask him if he had time for me. We met to talk about what I wanted in relation to my old personal manufacturing site.
I gave him carte blanche; in a few days, he created a great site, easy to use and manage.
Frankly I am not disappointed. The training to be able to manage your own site was very clear and if you have a problem, you get an answer very quickly.
Thank you Alain-Yan, I am very proud of my site, glad to have known you and I really appreciate your assistance.

Jérôme Michel (Site)

Manuela Pointet

Convinced that I had missed the "internet" turn, I thought I had definitely been removed from this communication "paradise". And that's where you came in, Alain-Yan! You told me "we" were going to do it, ... not "you" ... nor "I" ...
but ... WE ...
Of course I thank you for your talents as a creator, as a technician, but also for something else: you came to look for me with patience, you invited me to clarify myself, to dare, to put my heart, my dreams ... until my site resembles me, until it has a soul...
All my admiration for your guidance as a facilitator and my gratitude for your enthusiasm and availability.

Site of Manuela

Michelle Girod Guillaume

In the spring of 2014, Alain-Yan, I contacted you about creating my future website. 
Two years earlier, I had "accidentally" (but of course!) stumbled upon your link mentioned in another person's references. And then, it was like a "flash"! If one day I called someone to open a site, it would be you. Then your contact information sat in my computer for two years. 
And when it was time, I called you. 
I thought that the "web-master-up-his-mountain" was really going to take me for a nutcase with such a meager computer background (very handicapped in the field and very unmotivated for anything related to technology!) and yet rather strong ideas about what I want or don't want as a result.
Well, the "web-master up there on his mountain" was so understanding, encouraging, listening and giving good advice, that here I am "mother" of a site just like I wanted.
You even managed to change my mind about some of my stubborn ideas... while respecting my style. And you even managed to make me want to continue... to learn... to become more and more autonomous, even if for me it is still something difficult.
Today I am really happy with the result you helped me to obtain, a result that is not fixed, but in constant evolution. More beautiful years of collaboration ahead of us ;)
In short, a magnificent co-creation. Thank you, thank you, Alain-Yan!

Site of Michelle

Odette La Du Paul

Alain-Yan: available, listening, efficient, aesthetic
The best  to entrust him the creation of a website!
With my thanks and friendship,

Odette La Du Paul (Her site)

Olivia Renasco

Alain-Yan is the designer of my website... In fact, he has many other tools and a solid experience of the spiritual world. The first time I contacted him to attend one of his seminars, he answered that he didn't think I fit the profile of the people he could help... Well... what else could I say?
A few years later, when I was thinking of redoing my site, I remembered his integrity and called him back... phew! This time, I seemed to have evolved enough.
He made my site without ever writing or wanting a word for me. He acted as a container both in the structure of the site and in the energetic emergence of what was being born in me, helping me to clarify what needed to be clarified.
This is my site. I recognize myself in every detail. I can't think of a better compliment to give it... Thank you, Alain-Yan, from the bottom of my heart.

Olivia Renasco (Her site)

Pascale Rocard

I met Alain Yan for the creation of my website in 2007. There are important meetings in life. The meeting with Alain-Yan is one of them.
He knew how to understand my aesthetic and practical requirements, my desire to create, my playful and attractive side, and how to highlight my many jobs, my paradoxes and my passions. Alain-yan is a pedagogue and has also been able to train me, which is essential! I can regularly use the site as I wish. Always open in thought and practice, with him, problems quickly find solutions. And his humanistic listening skills are well matched with his technical sense. A "Humanist Geek", that's rare! Optimistic and open to the world, his professionalism and his sense of friendship make him not only someone I can work with but also a friend.
So navigating with him on this virtual world does not prevent us from creating a real human relationship.
Goodbye to you all.

Pascale Rocard (Her site)

Pierre Pradervand

Thank you dear Alain-Yan, not only for a site that corresponds exactly to what I wanted at a price without competition, but also for the deeply friendly bond that we have built and the richness of our exchanges. Thank you for your patience with a rare specimen of homo informaticus neanderthalis and especially for the certainty of knowing that I will always be welcomed if I need a hand.
Pierre Pradervand ( His site )

Residence Bellerive

The development of our institution's website was carried out by Alain-Yan Mohr, who did a job that we are extremely satisfied with and that has earned us many congratulations from our user clients and partners. I would like to highlight Alain-Yan's professionalism, his availability and the quality of his suggestions to make our site attractive and user-friendly. And I must also underline his patience with neophytes like me...
For those of you who want to develop a website at very interesting conditions, I can only recommend you to contact Alain-Yan who is a person as engaging as he is competent.

Ph. Maire, manager of La Résidence Bellerive (Site)